Project Spotlight: BLVD

BLVD at Neiman Marcus Short Hills

The new concept retail experience – BLVD – consisted of reinventing the traditional beauty salon prototype by bringing together a highly curated selection of beauty brands including Pucker (Lash Extensions), Spruce and Bond (Brows and Peels) DREAMDRY (Blow Outs) and Valley (Manicures). BLVD blends the convenience of the multi-brand services with an attention to detail paid to the larger client journey, focusing on Beauty, Luxury, Variety and Design – B.L.V.D.

Breaking the mold of a traditional beauty salon, the unique design challenge was in allowing each brands unique identity to have a recognizable moment in the space, while still allowing the family of brands to complement one another without competing. The spatial environment achieves this by utilizing the boulevard as a neutral-yet-elevated procession throughout the space, one that both connects and displays each brands identity and retail selections.

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